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First stable version of DBHcms released!

DBHcms 1.1.3 launched

Seven months after the first beta release and 23 months after the start of the DBHcms  development, the first stable version of the free open source project is finally launched.

One of the key features of the DBHcms is its architecture that allows an unbeatable flexibility without loosing its simplicity. Through templates and style-sheets it is possible to apply any design to all pages or to apply different designs to different pages. PHP-modules and extensions allow an unlimited expansion of the functionalities in the website and in the administration area.

Other key features are:

Multiple Language Support
DBHcms allows visitors to view the website in multiple languages. It is possible to change the language of the page without having to return back to the homepage.

Search Engine Optimised
The DBHcms is optimised for search engines to achieve a high ranking and more visits. Static URL´s are generated to simulate static documents. This enables search engines to find each page easily. It is possible to optimise the website even if multiple languages are used.

Multiple Domain Administration
With one installation of the DBHcms it is possible to manage multiple websites.

Content Editor 
The DBHcms allows to edit and publish content online with a WYSIWYG editor.

The DBHcms is freely available at

To update the DBHcms from 1.1.2 Beta, please read the installation notes or take a look at

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