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DBHcms 1.1.2 Beta released!

The last beta, the first stable release is coming very soon!

This will be the last beta version. As soon as all systems have been tested and working I will release the first stable version of the DBHcms. For now you may test the new features in the DBHcms. Here some of the new features:

  • Page caching for best performance
  • User friendlier Back-End thanks to file, user, extension and language selectors and other nice gadgets.
  • Page hierarchy and more data types for more flexibility
  • Content scheduling
  • Debug modus for easy error finding
  • Better error and access logging

Have a lot of fun testing it and please report any bugs.

You can find a live demo here.
You can download the DBHcms 1.1.2 Beta here.
Please report any bugs or errors here.

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